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A second passport now our days does not sound like fiction novels of spies James Bond carry that will carry a bags of different passport, A second passport is not all about that but a second passport is increasingly successful in areas for businessmen, investors, and others.
This brings us to the question; WHAT IS CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT?

Citizenship by investment (CBI) is a process whereby an individual can make an investment in a country and get citizenship and a passport in exchange. The CBI is a programs which currently runs for an amount of investment cost ranges from as low as $100,000 to as much as $2.5 million but know that different Countries have different minimum and maximum fee. Investment options include everything from non-refundable cash donations to investments in real estate, business, or government bonds.

Different countries around the world have certain prerequisites that need to be met before a non-citizen can become a legally recognised citizen. Different countries including Canada, Portugal, and Cyprus amongst others offer citizenship by investment based on various terms.
A lot of people have questions about what it takes to become a citizen of a particular country by investment. There is a process and there are certain parameters that must be met if you want to become a citizen by investing in the county.

There are alot of reason for CBI from personal safety to increase global mobility.

-Security: A second passport from a stable, peaceful country can be life-saving in the event of any kind of political unrest in one’s home country. This type of insurance is priceless for investors and their families.

-Tax Benefits: Taking advantage of your second citizenship or residency by moving abroad has the potential to significantly reduce your tax burden.

-Repudiation: Acquiring a second passport means you will have the option of repudiating your current citizenship. This will also enable you to say “no” to an oppressive government.

-Global Mobility: Many passports are quite restrictive in their visa-free mobility, forcing citizens to obtain visas whenever they need to travel abroad. A second passport can offer individuals from these countries increased global mobility. For example, the passport of Pakistan allows visa-free entry into only 26 countries, whereas the passport of Cyprus allows visa-free entry to 145 countries.

– Extradition Benefits: Depending on the country of your new citizenship, you may even get other benefits such as you will not be extradite from that country. For instance Brazil and Russia do not extradite their own citizens

Who can apply?
As long as you as you have a clear criminal record and you are above the age of 18 then you are suitable to apply. Also, there are no language requirements, an interview process or medical tests required. As long as you are above that age, you as well as your spouse and other financial dependents can enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of Cyprus in no time.

There are currently nine available citizenship by investment programs, five of which are in the Caribbean.

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